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The Right House – The Right Deal – The Right Way

The Home Buying Process

There is more to buying a house than just a property search and financing. Buying your home the right way means that you’re educated about the process, your purchase is planned, your team is in place, your goals are clear, your financing is approved, and you are in the best negotiating position possible. Let Pied Piper Realty help you get prepared to find your dream home and accomplish your home buying goals.


Learn about the process

The key to getting the best possible deal is an education. Meet with a Pied Piper Professional for a free consultation to discuss your plans. Also, check out the Pied Piper Realty Webinars and Home buying/ Home Selling Guides to learn what you need in order to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Assemble Your Team

Pied Piper Realty is a one stop shop when it comes to your professional guidance. Through Pied Piper Group we can handle your real estate, financing, legal, title, and insurance needs. A free no obligation, no hassle, no pressure, consultation can help you lay a foundation your dreams can be built on.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage does more than just determining your purchase limits. It will help you get the best deal by ensuring you and the seller know you can obtain the appropriate mortgage. You need to understand all of your numbers, purchase power, available liquid assets, and equity if you currently own a home.


Develop a Plan

Having an itemized plan will make for a much smoother transaction. A realistic plan of action will make your decisions easier and eliminate doubt. A thorough home buying plan establishes steps to take you from where you are and get you to where you want to go, and examines potential road blocks and solutions to common issues.

Find Your House

After you have made arrangements and developed a plan, then it is time to start looking for a house. You never know which will be the home that really calls to you. It could be 1st, 4th, or 12th so you need to be prepared from the very start. You are now in the best negotiating position as possible.

Home Search

Property Search and Alerts

Get Notified When Your Dream Home Hits the Market

Timing is a key component in home buying. It is even more important in a highly competitive marketplace. Don’t miss out on your dream home just because you were busy and didn’t see it come on the market. Get notifications when properties that you may be interested in become available.

When you save a search on our site, any new homes matching your wish list criteria will be delivered straight to your inbox the moment they go up for sale. Start your search today!

Free Home Buyer Guide

The Spring 2022 Home Buying Guide Includes:

  • This Spring; Why it is THE Time to Buy
  • Expert Insights for Today's Homebuyers
  • Owning Vs Renting for Spring 2022
  • The Biggest Home Buying Opportunities this Spring
  • Inflation Impact - Why it Shouldn't Stop You
  • Housing Supply Update - Why it Matters
  • Key Home Buying Terms
  • Your Journey to Homeownership
  • Finance Update - Down Payment Requirements
  • Top Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage
  • 5 Strategies for Making Your Best Offer

.... and more

Home Buyer Consult

Free Home Buyer Consutation

No Pressure, No Hassle, No Obligation

Meet with a Pied Piper Realty Broker for a Free No Hassle Buyer Consultation. Discover if now is the right time for you to step into home ownership. We will help you determine your maximum buying power, how to prepare to buy a home the right way, and help you put a team of professionals together to back your play. Let’s start with a 15 Minute call that can set you on track to meeting your goals.