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What Every Home Seller Should Know Before They Sell

This market place is fast moving with many complexities. The webinar will provide many insights that will help you to take control over your home selling experience. The real estate market is highly competitive and you need to be sure that you are prepared to be in the best position possible to negotiate and win. Maximize your equity with the right plan of action. Start getting prepared now!


Home Seller Webinar Topics Include:

  • Expert Insights on the Current Housing Market
  • Home Price Forecast – Will They Continue to Rise?
  • Leveraging Your Equity to Make a Move
  • Sell Before I Buy or Buy Before I Sell?
  • Preparing the Home For Sale – 6 Tips
  • Investment Returns on House Renovations
  • Why Pricing Your House Right Matters
  • Contract Negotiations in a Fast Paced Market.
  • How to Create a Successful Home Selling Game Plan.
  • Developing a Professional Home Sales Team
  • What to expect from the Home Inspection
  • Beware of The Deal Killers

… and more


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